The Boom Bros Apparel Story

Our Story:

Hello! We are Dash and Kaden, entrepreneur kids, typically known as The Sons of Thunder to our family since we are so close in age, fight quite a bit, our dad looks like Thor, and we like to think that we bring "da THUNDER" when we play sports, but...whatever.

Since Sons of Thunder dot com was not available, we created BoomBrosApparel.Com (same idea--we bring the BOOM)!

The goal was to bring to life the many quotes and statements we have heard from successful coaches, athletes, and entrepreneurs, by putting them on custom athletic tee shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts, mugs and drink ware, stickers, and a large variety of items.

“Everyone needs a reminder once in a while, to keep moving forward, to keep working towards their goals no matter the setbacks, to stay on track, focused, and disciplined. There are also funny workout motivation quotes and other funny quotes we found that we liked and put them on an item. We hand pick the items, the designs, and the quotes. We hope you like them.” -Dash and Kaden (Boom Bros)

“We know that we wouldn’t be where we are today if others wouldn’t have given so selflessly to helping us, and without the opportunities where we live. As a way to give back, we donate money to charities that fight child trafficking, that give scholarships for college and trade-school programs, and that help educate other kids about business, financial literacy, or a specific skilled trade.”-Dash

Our small company started out as a homeschool project, where our parents thought it would be a great idea to teach us how to start and build a business---so they have taken us through the process step by step, and it has been the best (and hardest) project ever!

Soon after starting the project, we included our older, high school aged sisters to help us with our social media and our marketing.  It has been a great and very humbling learning experience for all of us.

Since starting in the fall of 2020, we have seen growth in sales (slow, but steady) and a lot of growth in how we operate our business.  As our entry into the e-commerce print on demand space, we plan to continue to add products and improve our marketing, and someday have inventory on hand for sales at events such as sports tournaments and showcases.

Until then, we just want to say thanks for being the best part of our learning experience! Our company wouldn't exist without great people like you.  So thanks so much for stopping by, and, if you purchased from us, thanks so much for that, too!

Subscribing to our blog and social media is the best way to stay connected. You can find us on Instagram and on Facebook (don't worry, our sisters will manage those since we are technically too young to be on social media).  Also, please sign up for our newsletter so that we can share our latest athletic tee shirts and special/seasonal sales with you. We wouldn't want you to miss out on those! 

Thanks for wanting to get to know us!  Hope you enjoy your visit to our store.

--The Boom Bros