We Are Just A Couple Of Entrepreneur Kids

Hello! We are Dash (I'm 11) and Kaden (I'm 9), entrepreneur kids, typically known as The Sons of Thunder to our family since we are so close in age and fight most of the time. We like to think that we bring "da THUNDER" but...whatever. Since Sons of Thunder dot com was not available, we figured BoomBrosApparel.Com was the next best thing. And that's what we are...The. Next. Best. Thing (insert muscle flex here).

What you are looking at started out as a homeschool project.  Our amazing, smart, super cool parents thought it would be a great idea to teach us how to start and build a business. They have taken us through the process step by step, and it has been the best project ever! We are really excited to watch it grow. We are planning on more designs, more sports (lacrosse is our favorite, so we started with that), more types of apparel like hats, sweatshirts, just a bunch of stuff. 

So thanks for being the best part of our learning experience! As entrepreneur kids, Mom and Dad said that customer service is the most important part of business. We can have the best T-shirts on the planet, but if we are not serving the customers, we will have nothing. So...YOU LITERALLY ARE THE BEST!

Subscribing to our blog and social media is the best way to stay connected. You can find us on Instagram and on Facebook (don't worry, our parents will manage those since we are technically too young to be on social media).  We have a pretty amazing family so we are sure it will be entertaining. Also, please sign up for our newsletter so that we can share our latest additions and sales with you. We wouldn't want you to miss out on those! 

Thanks for wanting to get to know us!  Hope you enjoy your visit to our store. Boom Bros signing off.