Athletic Tee Shirts For Sale: Open For Business!

We are open for business!  This is exciting stuff for a 9 and 11 year old. It's so rad-- a business with tee shirts, hats, stickers, flags, towels, mugs and other cool stuff for sale would be exciting for anyone! We've been working hard to start a new business and we are excited to watch it grow. 

Who are we?  We are Dash and Kaden, the founders of Boom Bros Apparel. We are brothers, and this started out as a homeschool entrepreneurship assignment.  Yep, we have been homeschooled for 3 years. We love it because we get to do fun things that help us learn, and have more time to play lacrosse and other sports, and train. It's important to do something to get better every day, mentally, physically and spiritually. #bettereveryday

In the business, we started with tee-shirts for sale, caps (hats), hoodies, stickers and we plan to add other items as we learn and grow.  Mom says it's called "scaling."  (insert shoulder shrug here).

But do you know what we are most excited about? 

Helping others.

Mom and dad have told us and my sisters about what is happening to MILLIONS of people all around the world--it's called human trafficking.  Many of them are our age and younger!  It's horrible. It makes us really thankful to have freedom, and people that love us and protect us. We want to help people to rescue these people from this nightmare so they can start a new life with love and protection.  

Thinking about them and knowing that they have had so much taken away motivates us to work harder for them. 

So, every month our business makes a profit, we will donate a portion of the profits to a charity/organization that is working toward helping children around the world.  One great organization that we like is an amazing organization called Operation Underground Railroad.  We are already in the 'Abolitionist Club' with them and it will be awesome when we can give more.  We plan to use our business, Boom Bros Apparel, as a way of doing just that. When you get a chance, please go and check out Operation Underground Railroad--what they do is incredible. 

Buy a tee shirt, save a life. Help us help the children of the world.

In our blog, we look forward to sharing useful information about fitness, training, and life!  Most of the posts will be written by our parents (and we hope to add some video someday soon).  Our dad is the best Strength and Conditioning coach ever, and he's amazing at transforming bodies, fitness, and athletic skills.  My mom is a personal trainer and group fitness coach, and she can chime in with some cool exercises and nutrition tips!

Check out our store, sign up for our free email newsletter, and, we promise, you'll be the first to know about special deals and when new stuff comes out. See ya later!

Better Every Day,


Dash and Kaden


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